Kevin Marzec

CTO / Technologist

Kevin Marzec

CTO / Technologist

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Kevin Marzec

CTO / Entrepreneur / Technologist

Kevin Marzec has been involved in all aspects of the software development life cycle for over 25 years, both executive and technical, including business strategy and development, technical sales, product management, project management, software engineering, team leading, technical writing, software testing and customer support. He is currently looking for a technical management role for a cutting-edge product in a small to mid-sized company that values teamwork and creativity.


Full Name

Kevin Christian Marzec


Seattle, U.S.A in 1974

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Work Experience

Futurescaper Ltd.

CTO - Feb 2012 - Current

My role is to oversee the design and development of an online crowdsourcing application for scenario and future planning research, utilising the Agile methodlogy and a technology stack of Meteor.js and MongoDB. Some high profile customers include the OECD and the UN. Responsibilities include hiring and managing freelance developers (in remote locations), requirements gathering and analysis, software design and implementation, user interface design, backup management, deployment and source control management, and occasionally supporting customers.

Some recent press praising the use of Futurescaper in Kosovo and Moldova:

Infusion Development

Team Lead - May 2011 - May 2012

I was responsible for the product development and technical documentation for a complex data processing and workflow WPF application for Citigroup's Cross Asset Group, leading a team of offsite developers based in Poland. The technology stack was C#/WPF/WCF/MSSQL/EC4/WF4.

HostelSystem Ltd.

Founder & CTO - July 2004 - Current

HostelSystem is one of the leading online reservation and property management services for hostels and small hotels. My role is business strategy, technical strategy, overseeing high-level design decisions and managing a team of remote developers, primarily based in Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. The technology stack is C#/WinForms/MVC5/EC5/MSSQL on the back and ExtJS4 on the front.

UpperDeck International (UDI)

Sr. Web Architect / Project Mgr. - Oct 2009 - July 2010

I was responsible for all of the marketing websites as well as the UpperDeck corporate website. Worked closely with the marketing team to identify new product web application opportunities and managed relationships with third parts consultants and vendors to ensure quality of deliverables.

Stranger Hostels

Founder / President - June 2004 - March 2010

Started two award-winning hostels in Krakow and Wroclaw, Poland, with a total of over 150 beds. Was responsible for all aspects of the business, from marketing strategy and SEO to managing the construction process, working with accountants, architects, interior designers and plumbers. The Stranger Krakow was listed as one of the top ten "Hippest Hostels" in the world by the Lonely Planet Bluelist 2006 and one of the Guardian's top five hostels in Europe.

Microsoft - Flight Simulator 2004

Software Design Engineer - 2002 - 2003

Designed and implemented new features for the World Builder app, used to generate the Flight Simulator world. Generated ArcGIS tools for auto-generating location lists for bridges, lakes, etc. Designed an intelligent system for automatically creating accurate taxiway signs on all 26k airports.

Founder & CTO - 1998 - 2001

EverDev started out as a full-service web development company, specialising in vertical-market portals, and eventually developed an online content management product that was licensed to clients. My roles included: recruiting and hiring development staff, advisory staff and CEO, designing the content management system used to facilitate development of high-content portals, leading technical sales meetings with prospective customers, and oversaw all organisation and planning of our Comdex tradeshow booth in Las Vegas for 2000 and 2001.

Microsoft - Hotmail

Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET) - 1997 - 1998

Hotmail was migrated from the Unix platform to Windows NT starting in 1997, and a powerful set of testing tools were needed. My group was codenamed Pixie, we were responsible for providing a multi-threaded C++ testing application designed to stress-test and analyse the performance of Hotmail with various sized email messages at different throttling rates. I was responsible for the design and development of this tool, my focus was on the C++ threading, timing, and mail message size analysis functionality.

iCat Corporation

Software Design Engineer / QA Engineer - 1996 - 1997

iCat created an ASP-like scripting language (called ICL) to be used in HTML templates to allow for dynamic content, about a year before dynamic scripting languages became mainstream. The language provided database access, various loops and conditionals and more. Powerful catalog templates were build off the ICL system. iCat was sold to Intel in 1999. My role started as a QA Engineer writing test scripts, primarily in Java, to regression test the various functions of the ICL compiler. After six months I was moved to the engineering team and became responsible for adding features to the compiler, such as pointers and an intelligent page caching system.


Professional Skills

  • 15+ years
    Company Leadership 15+ years
  • 5 companies
    Entrepreneurial Experience 5 companies
  • 10+ years
    Management & Team Leadership 10+ years

Technical Skills

  • 10+ years
    C# / .NET / MSSQL 10+ years
  • 10+ years
    HTML / Javascript / CSS 10+ years
  • 1-2 years
    Meteor / Backbone / ExtJS / MongoDB 1-2 years
  • 1 year
    Python / Java 1 year



University of Washington - 1991 - 1996

I originally chose biology as my field of study because I wanted to become more familiar with natural learning systems such as neural networks, genetic algorithms, genetic programming and artificial life. Computer science at the UW in 1991 was still quite primitive, using ADA and FORTRAN, but I took a number of courses, including Advanced Data Structures and Artificial Intelligence (using LISP).


University of Washington - 1988 - 1989

I was one of sixteen students chosen to attend the "Transition School", an intensive college preparatory program that delivered the full high-school curriculum in a single intensive, fast-paced year along with matriculation into the University as a freshman.



Music is very much a hobby and I am very much an amateur, but I try to break up each day with a few solo jam sessions. I've posted a few recordings on Soundcloud for your listening enjoyment. In Poland, I was the founder of The Stranger Cafe, a leading live music venue, offering live music seven nights a week.


I am originally from Seattle, but became an expat back in 2003 when I ended up accidentally moving to Poland while on a backpacking trip to Russia. I have traveled to over thirty countries and have lived in Seattle, Krakow, Cadiz, Venice, Utrecht, Amsterdam, London and Cambridge. My favourite spots have been Cairo, Croatia, Cyprus, Mexico, Morocco, Sarajevo, and Turkey (the background of this page was from a recent trip to Marmaris). Some of my travel photos can be found here.


I am an avid reader of both fiction and non. My favourite genres include historical fiction, biographies, science and sci-fi. Some of my favourite writers include (amongst many others) Dostoevsky, Feynman, Gleick, Hesse, Pinker, Robbins, Rushdie, Stephenson and Vonnegut.